now the following shipping method are supported

1.register mail

it's a way to saving shipping cost  if you are not busy to get them


only for US or some countries,the speed is faster than register mail,and the shipping price is not much more than it, you can select this way

3.commercial express (DHL,UPS,Fedex .etc)

it's fastest way to get them if need them urgently,most of parcels can be delivered in 4~7 days(not including handling time) like DHL,UPS,Fedex,TNT,EMS these shipping method was oprated by large company,usually it's stable

4.Special Line to some one country

these shipping methods was opreated by relative smaller company,the shipping cost is lower than commercial express,sometimes it's fast,sometimes maybe not very fast,there maybe have some kinds of problem during shipping

you can select your shipping method when checking out