1. full refund

  • the product is out of stock

  • the parcel was lost during shipping

  • the product was broken(damaged,can't use at all) during shipping

  • the buyer request refund when we didn't send the parcel (usually we can detain the parcel if the shipping agent didn't ship it out,sometimes the buyer need pay for some cost for our lost)

2. partial refund

  • the product was broken(but it is not damaged,or can be repaired) during shipping

  • some other reasonable reasons buyer not satisfied

  • we lower the price before the parcel was shipped out 

  • the shipping time is longer than the longest time what we write,you can refer to the delivery time for each shipping method,usually we will return our profits (no more than 20%),

if you didn't need the product any more and feel like to request a full refund,no problem,but the buyer should refuse the parcel(let it return),or return the parcel,we will make full refund,

if you would like to receive it and request full refund,it's not preferred.thank you for you understanding (for some small value parcel ,we may agree buyer receive and keep them,we will make full refund)

specially,if we shipped the parcel out,there are tracking information in third shipping company already, but you didn't received your parcel,maybe it was still on the way,

we need more time trace where the parcel will go,